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High-performance product for the entire spectrum of parachute operations training

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The Parachute Simulator SOKOL is a high-performance e.sigma product for the entire spectrum of parachute operations training, from beginners to advanced jumpers, and all-encompassing functionalities of a jump including HALO and HAHO jumps.

It was specially developed for the multistage and holistic training of parachute jumpers from beginners right down to paratroopers, special forces and amphibian troops. All functionalities were developed in cooperation with professional jumpers with a specific focus on all needs of the advanced training requirements of Special Forces and other parachute jumpers.

Force-Feedback module
Motion sensors
Realistic rises and stearing lines
Adjustable height
Realistic equipment
Realistic deployment
Free fall capability
Suspended weight up to 300 kg
Robust construction

Consumer Benefits

  • Callibration-free setup
  • Basic Free Fall and Static Line Training
  • High Altitude – Low Opening (HALO) Missions/Operations
  • High Altitude – High Opening (HAHO) Missions/Operations
  • Realistic horizontal freefall position with simulation of the drogue-chute either manually or automatically deployed
  • Navigation in visible terrain under open canopy without using navigation aids
  • Practicing maneuvers in stress situations including avoidance of canopy collision
  • Acquiring and identifying stationary and moving ground features at typical ranges
  • Acquiring and identifying features on water at typical ranges
  • Acquiring and identifying features in the air at typical ranges
  • Executing landing procedures
  • Ensuring effective and accurate use of equipment
  • Acquiring safe and accurate chute control
  • Response to malfunctions of chute and lines
  • Safe control of the parachute through wind and turbulences during the gliding phase under realistic force feedback motion simulation
  • Performing general emergency procedures under diverse weather conditions at day and at night
  • Operation of support equipment (e.g. night vision goggles, oxygen mask, navigation aids, etc.)
  • Evasion maneuvers (e.g. objects, other jumpers)
  • Exercises under stressful circumstances
  • Group jumps and vis-à-vis virtual representation of jumpers



  • Force Feedback System
  • Networkabile Solution
  • COTS-Components

Technical Features

  • Realistic suspension of the parachutist in a harness
  • Suspended weight up to 300Kg including additional equipment
  • Robust steel superstructure with adjustable height
  • High resolution stereoscopic helmet mounted display with calibration-free head sensor
  • Various photo-realistic 3D databases, models and environmental effects with accurate
  • representation of landing zones
  • Wireless sensors for free fall steering and canopy control functions
  • Motorized force feedback system for all suspension and steering lines
  • Equipment configurations:
    • Basic: Headgear, Field Uniform
    • Special: Helmet, Navigation Electronics, Harness
  • Vertical axis rotation simulation during freefall phase
  • Ripcord Deployment
  • Hand Deployment
  • Static Line Deployment
  • CYPRES Activated Deployment
  • Realistic canopy opening with parachute dependent force feedback
  • Realistic suspension during canopy ride with force feedback
  • Altimeter, Compass and Garmin etc. GPS electronics simulation
  • Simulation of parachute, GQ5000, SMM 420, TW7 and others
  • Recording and playback of the simulation for briefing/debriefing

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